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Главная -> Компоненты -> Компонент построения социальной сети JomSocial Pro 2.0.5

Компонент построения социальной сети JomSocial Pro 2.0.5

Компонент построения социальной сети JomSocial Pro 2.0.5

Один из самых популярных и функциональных компонентов для создания своей собственной социальной сети на сайте под управлением CMS Joomla!

Список изменений (на английском):


  • BUG: 5130 If user is blocked, they will no longer be able to send private message to the counterpart.
  • BUG: 5034 Only accept alphanumeric, dash and dot values for aliases.
  • BUG: 5135 Tooltips will no longer display for the inputbox in date fields.

  • BUG: 5061 Group members count are now updated correctly.
  • BUG: 5124 Group events are now ordered by starting date.
  • BUG: 5027 Comment on public group photos will now be displayed in activity stream correctly.
  • BUG: 5091 Create discussion link will no longer be shown if feature is disabled.
  • BUG: 5104 Show all groups will now link and display correctly.
  • BUG: 5134 All events listing in groups are now sorted by start date.

  • BUG: 5090 Added missing create event link in blue face.
  • BUG: 5106 Sending email to event participants will no longer be restricted to joomla limit settings.

  • BUG: 5086 Dates in private messages are now standardized to use Joomla's default date string.

  • BUG: 5024 Added missing featured albums limit in the back end.
  • BUG: 5118 Fixed issues with quotes when executing command in Windows servers.

Apps / Modules
  • BUG: 5033 Friend's location plugin will no longer throw any errors.
  • BUG: 5141 Fix events that doesn't get displayed in the plugin

  • BUG: 5068 Fixed errors with advance search when using multiple conditions.
  • BUG: 5119 Itemid will no longer be taken from external URLs
  • BUG: 5129 Fixed unnecessary escaping on the strings.
  • BUG: 5131 Fixed compatibility issues with the window.
  • BUG: 5022 Dates from Facebook will now be parsed correctly.
  • BUG: 5079 Fixed links in mutual friends
В комплекте: сам компонент со всеми приложениями + патчи для перехода с 2.0.0/0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4 на 2.0.5



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